At Legal & Professional Benefits we make it our business to understand the needs of the legal professional.  We’ve been building comprehensive, sector-specific insurance cover since the 1970’s and our guiding principal has always been the provision of high quality policies at competitive rates.

Originally formed in 1971 as the Law Practitioners Co-Op Society, the business was privatised and became The Law Corporation Ltd. in the 1980’s.  A decade later, it was renamed the Law Corporation Insurance Services Ltd and become Legal & Professional Benefits Ltd in 2005.

LPB has the experience to recommend insurance and savings solutions that exactly meet your needs.  We stay ahead of the game and keep clients informed of any policy or legislative change that may affect their insurance cover.

When it comes to making insurance claims we guide clients through the process so they receive compensation quickly and easily.  We make sure that we’re there to supply clients with all the information they need, when they need it.

If there are any blurred lines, we are proactive and tireless when it comes to following up claims with insurance companies – making sure that they are addressed efficiently to avoid any additional stress for clients and their families.

Our commitment to our clients is clear.  We work for legal professionals not the insurers to provide peace of mind in every circumstance.

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