Do I Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance for legal professionalsWhy do I need Health Insurance?  Here we answer 9 commonly asked questions. 


1. Do I Really Need Insurance?

Although it may be easy to adopt an attitude of ‘it won’t happen to me’, it is a statistical fact that you will require hospitalisation or surgery at some point in your life – in some cases two or three times. Whatever your viewpoint as to whether medical treatment should be taken care of by government, the only way to ensure that you and your family will receive prompt and proper treatment is by taking out heath & medical insurance. Although cover may seem unnecessary at times, the alternative of having to shoulder large treatment expenses makes the cost of premiums a low price to pay.

2. Which Type Of Cover Is Best?

The main reasons for having health or medical insurance are to protect yourself against the risk of having to pay for your own treatment and to obtain the best possible care with the least amount of delay or stress. A hospital & surgical or hospital & specialist policy will provide a basic level of cover and the payment of additional premium to protect yourself against smaller, more predictable GP bills or optical & dental expenses may not be cost effective in the long term. As to which specific plan is the best for you, there are a number of variables which our advisors can explain – take a couple of minutes to get in touch and we can talk you through some options.

3. Who Has The Best Health Insurance Policy?

It depends. [Read more...]