Our Services

L&PB focuses exclusively on the legal and professional services industry. As a result we have built up a detailed understanding of the policies available and the subtle differences between the offerings of each insurance company. It’s the quality of our advice that stands us apart from the rest.

Our qualified financial advisers conduct a thorough needs analysis at the outset of every client relationship. Attention to detail gives us the foresight to look ahead and ask the right questions. Careful calculation of each client’s best case financial scenario ensures that – if the worst eventuates – your needs, goals and aspirations are protected.

L&PB makes sure that clients have all the facts to hand so they can make an informed decision about the level of cover they require. The end result is custom-made, insurance cover that truly matches your needs.

We focus particularly on the policies that professionals and businesses need most: Life, Critical Illness, Income Protection, Total & Permanent Disablement and Health Insurance – but can assist with any general insurance requirements.

Legal & Professional Benefits advisers follow a six step process with every new client, as recommended by the Institute of Financial Advisors. Working with the client, we determine clear financial goals, analyse and establish the client’s current position and recommend an insurance solution. Once comprehensive cover is in place, L&PB monitors and reviews the agreed solution regularly to make sure that the fit stays right.

David’s Story

It seemed to be a day like any other. A busy senior partner in a successful legal firm, David, 45 years of age, thought he was in pretty good shape. However, in December 2010, after some unexplained weight loss, David went to have a check-up with his Doctor. After further tests in January 2011, it […]

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Kate’s Story – Health insurance with critical illness cover

Kate worked as a legal secretary at an Auckland law firm. In August 2009 she had tests carried out by her doctor as she had not been feeling right for a while. The tests indicated that Kate had ovarian cancer. Surgery followed, leaving Kate unable to work for six weeks. Kate had critical illness insurance […]

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John’s Story – Critical Illness Cover

John, a 50 year old lawyer, had his world turned upside down when he was advised by his doctor to undergo quadruple by-pass surgery. A week later he had the heart surgery. John was well prepared and through his critical illness cover as part of his Risk Protection Plan, received a lump sum benefit of […]

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Michael’s Story – Stress and Risk Protection

Michael was 39 years old and married. He had his own successful accounting firm with six support staff. In 1993, when he took out a Risk Protection Plan, his adviser recommended he purchase Business Overheads Cover with a two year benefit period. In June of 1995, the stress of running his business became too much […]

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Critical Illness Insurance – Explained

How Critical Illness Insurance could make a huge difference in your life We all know someone that has suffered a heart attack, stroke or cancer.  After all, they are the most common reasons people have to claim on their health insurance.  Approximately 21 people have a stroke every day in New Zealand with a quarter […]

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